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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  April 19, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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good morning to you. it is monday morning. it is april 19th and there is a live look right now at the washington monument on a really chilly start for the beginning of the workweek. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> the temperatures are still unseasonable for this time of year. we are not supposed to be back in the 30s. frost and freeze advisories just out to the west. they'll expire in a couple of hours. i think most people's growing seasons should be just fine as temperatures have not hit the crucial 32-degree mark. >> a lot of people planting those tomatoes already. >> need a jacket as you head out the door. we'll start with temperatures. we are generally in the low 40s. 46 is the current number in fredericksburg. 43 in winchester. 44 at patuxent naval air
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station. even cool down to the beaches this morning. ocean city was 43. we had a lot of cloud cover around yesterday along with the cool conditions. today, a lot more sunshine than yesterday and that will help warm up the atmosphere. yesterday's highs were in the upper 50s. no rain expected, should be nice and dry. just a couple of clouds in the forecast. 56 for your afternoon high in washington. 64 in manassas. more sunshine and less wind. >> should be a nice day. check in with julie wright and say good morning to her at 5:00. >> good morning. welcome back to you. >> thank you. >> you missed a great game on saturday. i don't know if you had a chance to catch it on tv. i heard the cable want out about five minutes left in the game. >> i kept track online, julie. >> i was going to send you a text but it was just thrilling. it was too exciting.
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it was a nail biter. gate game for the caps on friday. now for the roads, not looked too bad. we have construction clearing. at the american legion bridge, all lanes are open on the outer loop as you continue down towards tysons corner. no problems reported on the upper loop of the beltway. light traffic volume so far on 270 for those leaving frederick this morning headed south. you will find lanes are open inbound new york avenue. no trouble spots to report as you make your way toward northeast washington headed in towards the third street tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank this is the first to school for grieving students in northwest washington. somebody murdered their principal last week inside his home. >> no word yet on any arrests or possible suspects. stacy cohan live at the shaw middle school with more details. >> reporter: good morning. we are here at the shaw middle school and every entrance to
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this school, the students have memorialized their murdered teacher. there is chalk scrawled on the doors at every entrance around this building and on the sidewalk. there are cork boards with notes, flowers. most have the same thing, mr. betts, we love you. we are so sad and we are going to miss you. now, brian be tts was found dead inside his home thursday night. he was the victim of at least one gunshot wound. over the weekend, his nissan was located in southeast washington. that vehicle is now in the possession of montgomery continue i police. they - - county police. they are scouring it for evidence. we are told that brian betts was a new principal. we are told he was very popular with his students and when school is open this morning, we are expecting to have a left students be teachers and staff discussing the murder of brian betts and how much he will be
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missed. a maryland community mourning the loss of a college student begunked down at a off- cam husband party at frostburg state university. brandon carroll was killed. another student was shot. police arrested a third student. police say tyrone hall allegedly assaulted a student at an off-campus party. >> i was very upset and i couldn't believe it. i'm still in the state of shock. i didn't ever think it would be brandon. i still don't believe it. >> for the whole waldorf community, it is really sad how it is. word kind of spread pretty quickly with one your own that no longer here and i just think it is kind of difficult for everyone. couldn't imagine what the family is going through. gentleman another shooting victim is expected to recover. --
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>> the other shooting victim is expected to recover. an anonymous official from toyota says the company is not directly admitting fault but wants to move on. the$16.4million the largest government penalty ever issued. federal investigators say toyota waited for four months to report problems with the gas pedal and issue a recall. an update now on the developing story involving volcanic ash from iceland. experts say now it could reach the canadian coast today. some care lines have safely tested the air over northern europe but meteorologists warn that the ash cloud is still unpredictable and still potentially dangerous. europe other than union officials say about half of the flights scheduled for today should be able to operate. britain's major airports will stay closed through tomorrow morning. that is prompting the british government to announce it will send navy ships across the english chan told pick up some
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of the thousands of britons stranded by the ash cloud. >> we try to do the best. we saw washington now. we walked all over the places. museum tours, the washington monument. >> they refuse to pay. >> the airline industry says it is losing about $200 million a day due to the cancellations. a school district is accused of spying on its students and using their laptop computers and now the students and their families are fighting back. just this weekend, a student in new york was arrested accused of an attack on his own school. 
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thousands of people are expected to attend the ceremonies to honor the 168 people killed in the blast in associates the morning of april 19, 1995. timothy mcveigh was convicted and executed for the crime and
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his co-conspirator terry nichols is serbing life in prison. 17-year-old nathan meyers face as a terrorist threat charge according to investigators. he threatened on go on a shooting spree on the anniversary of the columbine massacre. police say a type offer overheard students talking about rumors of the alleged threat. >> it was just like yeah, i hate school because i know he has gotten kicked out and he is like i want to go shoot it up. and that is not really a smart thing to say. can you get yourself into trouble. there you go. >> he said it to you though. >> yeah, he said it before. >> reporter: police say myers lead alita haytayaner heard about the investigation and turned himself n. one school district in pennsylvania has been hit with a lawsuit over spying. the school issued laptops, captured thousands of students in their homes. one familiar list suing. the district claims the images captured were part of a tracking program. fed up with airlines
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tacking on the extra fees? now, some big airlines are taking a stand saying their customers should not have to pay. we have some cool conditions across the area. i'll have all the details on a sunny and warmer forecast. julie wright will be in with a look at your on-time traffic. she will give you the over- under on the capitals game after the break.  trouble finding the perfect taco seasoning?
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the crew on board the space shuttle covery might spend some extra time in space. today's scheduled landing in florida might be delayed because of rain. nasa may be forced to land the shuttle at a backup site in southern california sometime tomorrow. the shuttle and its seven crew members liftedded off on april 5th. crew took supplies to the international space station. speaking of space, you might have even the video of
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the meteor that lit up the midwest sky last week. a wisconsin man says he has a piece of t geologists think it is for rule because of the fruition cross and that is only caused when a meteor gets really hot by speeding through the foyer. tests show it likely came from the asteroid belt between mars and jupiter. >> we were saying last week that somebody was bound to find a piece of it. watch it turn occupy e-bay now. >> it will be on e-bay. >> temperatures are really cool we've been saying but i guess they are where they ought to be. >> yesterday was cool. in. next couple of days, we'll be trending to the 60s. we got spoiled with the 80s or 90s. the summertime weather not here to stay. our next hans for any rain doesn't arrive until wednesday and we should be in for plenty of sunshine both today and tomorrow. that being said, let me warn you, it is on the cool if not cold side across most of the area this morning and you will
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feed a jacket as you run out the door. let's talk about yesterday's highs. i call this on the cool side. 59 was the high at reagan national. what really made it cool was the win which is blowing out of the north and west. dulles and bwi, 57 was the winning number for both of those airports. let's talk about cool conditions right now. we still have the frost and freeze advisories off to the west and to the north and some spots are starting to real will you cool down. 46 now at reagan national. quantico is 4 # for you. 34 in manassas. that is getting close to the freezing mark. 39 in cull ander. 39 in gaithersburg. 39 in frederick. very chilly conditions off to the west. we'll see the conditions continue for the next couple of hours until we get the sunshine up. once the sun is up, should be very nice today. more sunshine, less wind and slightly warmer temperatures. by this afternoon, we'll get
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rid of this cool start to the day. a little bit of cloud cover across new england bringing rain showers to northern new england. we are looking out to the west in the ohio valley where we have quiet conditions. today should be nice. tomorrow should be nice and we'll watch a little storminess off it our south develop during the day on wednesday and that should bring a couple of showers here late in state on wednesday and wednesday night. forecast, a good one. sunny skies, a little warmer. 65 for the afternoon highs. wind will be oust north and west at about five to 10 miles per hour. tonight, clear skies and cool. 48 for the overnight low. tomorrow, 67. by wednesday, we cloud up being could be a couple of rain showers wednesday night into thursday morning and then if you want 70s, they are back in the forecast too. thursday and friday, low 70s. so all in all, this is about where we should be this time of year as far as temperatures. let's get to julie wright with the latest on the traffic. >> there is a fender bender at
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the end of the ramp p on route one to go northbound on i-95. you have to swing wide to get there. no ribs reported for those heading out towards 121 and clarksburg. stalled car moved to the shoulder here just north of duke city. the lane are open as you continue northbound. no problems to report in the main line out towards the 14th street bridge. light traffic volume now southbound 59. overnight roadwork at the icc at 198 has cleared. metro is back on track following a weekend of long delays. metro was replacing old track components. single tracking added up to 40 minute to travel time for passengers this weekend. five of the major airlines now promising to not charge you extra fees for your kayy-on bags. new york senator charles schumer says american, delta,
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united, u.s. airways and jetblue have all told him they will not impose the fee. schumer is leading the fight in congress that will tax airlines for carry-on bag fees. it all stems from the east antiannouncement from spirit airlines. they want to charge up to $45 for carry-on luggage this summer. >> when they started charging for checked baggage, we didn't like it but charging for a carry-on bag is a step over the line because that is part and parcel of flying. >> spirit airlines says it still plans to impose the fee. one airline that is missing from that promise list, continental which is said to be in merger talks with united. coming up next here on fox 5, a pope breaks down in tears meeting sex abuse victims. his emotional encounter and what it could mean for the catholic church. 
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a secret memo written by the defense secretary says the united states has no plan to stop iran from getting nuclear weapons but the obama administration says it is prepare for the worst. as fox's caroline shively reports, iran is getting closer to developing nukes. >> reporter: u.s. officials believe that iran will be able to make nuclear grade fuel in a
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year and could have a bomb in two to five years. the memo says the administering and the military need to lay out a set of consequences if diplomacy and caching shuns fail to stop that time line. memo was sent in january after iran blew past a deadline set by the president for diplomatic talks. some administration critics aren't viced by the statement. >> i didn't need a secret moment owe from mr. gates to ascertain that we do not have a coherent policy. i think that is pretty obvious. >> reporter: one senior official tells the now, times that this gates memo is a wake- up call and includes a revised set of military alternatives to be discussed. a white house official says that the white house has been planning for all contingencies for iran since long before january. they say the president and his national stewart team has spent
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a considerable amount of time and effort on the contingencies with iran. ahmadinejad said they have to leave the region. this is not a request. it is an order. in washington, caroline shively, fox news. secretary gates is now disputing the reports of the january memo. he says the memo highlighted our defense plans and that would put more pressure on iran. he united a country in his death. his mourners lined the streets of krakow, poland. the president of poland and his wife killed in a plane crash nearly two weeks ago. one mourner said he finally received the full respect he did not achieve in office. president barack obama and dozens of world leaders were not able to attend the funeral. pope benedict xvi was moved
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to tears after hearing stories of sexual abuse straight from those would lived it. >> the pope is now back in rome after a weekend visit to malta where he met privately with a group of church sex abuse victims. casey stegel has spot story. >> reporter: pope benedict xvi taking actions against allegations of sex abuse rocking the catholic church. he took time to meet with a small group of alleged victims during his two-day train to malta. the men claimed they were abused as children as an orphanage in the country. >> the holy father met a small group of persons who were sexually abecaused by members of the clergy. he was deeply moved by their stories. >> reporter: each of the men reportedly in their 30s and 40s spent a few minutes with the pope. >> the pope cried. >> the vatican says during the emotional meeting, the pope expressed shame and sorrow for
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any main pain the men suffered. it says the roman catholic church will do all it can to bring abusers to justice and will implement safeguards for children in the future. >> he listens to us. he told me i'm very proud and i pray for you to have the courage to tell your story. >> reporter: earlier in the day, thousands of faithful gather for the pope's outdoor mass. many say the new wave of abuse allegations isn't affecting their faith. >> this is a sad thing that they suffered but our faith is our faith. >> reporter: this is the first time the pope himself has spoken directly to people claiming to be victims of sex abuse by priests since this most recent wave of allegations in the catholic church inform the past, vatican officials and cardinals have met with the alleged victims. still many don't agree with the way the church has handled this
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whole ordeal. >> the emotional moment over the weekend in malta didn't bring any new admissions of guilt from the vatican. >> the pope is back in rome this morning. fwreefing students and staff head back to school without their principal today. stacy cohan is live on our top story. stacy? >> reporter: good morning. shaw middle school is decorated with notes and wishes from bereaved students as they prepare to return to school for the fort time since the murder of principal brian betts. i'm live in northwest washington. i'll have that story. cog up on fox 5 morning news. and the this-won't- hurt-a-bit business. because we don't just work here. we live here. these are our families. and our neighbors. and by changing lives we're in more than the energy business we're in the human energy business. chevron.
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welcome back. nice shot of the washington monument. looks great in the darkness this morning. but we've got cold temperatures to go along with it if you are heading out in the early hours. if you are lucky, you are in the d.c. area where it is 47 degrees. otherwise, it is even colder. >> just outside the beltway, we are back in the 30s in some spots. sun will be up this morning. by later this afternoon, it will be just fine. >> sounds great. >> it will feel awesome. the best part, less wind than yesterday. saturday too. i was walking down city streets on saturday and people were getting blown around. >> we had a bonfire on saturday. can you believe that? saturday evening. >> late in the afternoon. >> but the wind was a little
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much. >> a little much. 46 at reagan national. 42 in winchester. harrisonburg is checking in with 34. we have a frost advisory off to the south and west. frederick is 39. in ocean city, it is 43. so temperatures on the cool side across the region. and you know, this is the forecast this is a good one. we'll lose the cloud cover. we'll lose most of the wind. it will be a little breezy at times but winds only five to 10 miles per hour. our next chance of rain doesn't arrive until wednesday. nice warming trend as we get into the next couple of days and a good-looking forecast. the little ones should bring a jacket if they are headed out to the bus stop here as temperatures will be in the 40s for much of the early-morning hours. more details on the forecast in just a minute. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright with a look at traffic. >> it appears they are doing emergency roadwork on the outer loop of the beltway near
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kenilworth avenue. that is heading northbound 95 and 495. they're temporarily blocking traffic as they continue to do the roadwork. coming out of greenbelting it will impact your drive this morning. traveling southbound 270 leaving falls road out of here. you are still in greet shape right now headed to the south. the incident that we had here at took street in the hov lanes, still here in play although on the shoulder so there is no district attorney lay as you continue northbound up towards the 14th street bridge. all lane are open in each direction down south at the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> you it. as police try to figure out who killed a popular d.c. principal, his staff and students returned to school today looking for answers. stacy cohan is live at shaw middle school for the students' first day back since the news broke last week. good morning. >> reporter: every entrance to the school is surrounded with notes and chalk drawings and
5:33 am
messages to the principal, brian betts. if you take a look behind me, right on the door, it says we love you, mr. betts and on either side of the entrance way, there are photographs and notes and flowers left here over the weekend by students and well-wishers. most the notes seem to have the same theme, mr. betts, you will be missed. brian betts was found murdered in his home on thursday night. over the weekend, his nissan suv was locationed in southeast washington. the investigators have been poring over that suv and we have no word yet on a suspect or suspects in this case. students return here to shaw middle school early this morning and, although betts had not been a principal for very long here in the district, he was lureed away from montgomery county public schools by
5:34 am
michelle rhee. he was here long enough to make an impression. we will talk more to the student as they begin to arrive here this morning. brandon carrolls with a star athlete at frostburg state university. his former coach and classmates gathered to remember him last night. roby chavez has more on the emotional individual. >> reporter: it was an emotional fwa they aring for friends of the murdered student at a vigil for brandon carroll at his former high school. word of his murder brought great sadness into i was very upset. i couldn't believe it. i'm still in the state of shock. i didn't ever think that it would be brandon. i still don't believe it. >> reporter: 20-year-old brandon carroll, a star basketball player, left his mark on waldorf. many are devastated it hear the news including his former coach
5:35 am
at thomas stone high school. >> agent let you canally, he was one of the -- athletically, he was one of the team guys would fit right in. he didn't care whether his name was in the paper. he wanted to be part of something great. >> reporter: police say it all started at an off-campus party at frostburg state university. police have arrested a fellow student, tyrone hall, of glen burnie. witnesses say a group confronted hall after he allegedly assaulted a woman at a party earlier in the evening. hall was quickly arrested. >> i can't imagine he of all people would go looking for a fight. knowing brandon, had he knew what was awaiting him being i'm quite sure he wouldn't have gone. he probably would have waited a little bit until things calmed down a little bit. >> reporter: the murder, shooting and arrest involving three students is devastating for the tight knit comufert
5:36 am
community. in a statement, the fsu president said i wish to offer my deepest condolences for the familiar live brandon carroll. the entire university community is behind them during this incredibly trang being time. we will feel the imact of his loss for a very long time. it will be important for our community to pull together in the coming days. the other student shot is # 1- year-old ellis heart it is ridge, jr. from the district. he is in stable condition and is expected to survive. robey chavez, fox 5 news. >> thank you. toyota is ready to leave a pr nightmare in its rearview mirror. today, it has to decide if it will fight a fine over faulty gazarek gas pedals are pay a $16.4 million -- over faulty gas pedals or boy a $16.4 million fine.
5:37 am
icelandic forecasters say a new ash plume for the volcano is out there now. it is less of a threat to aircraft this time. experts say ash clouds could reach the canadian coast today. in northern europe, fills say about half of the flight scheduled for today should be able to operate. it has been a frustrating week no doubt for air travelers. karen gray houston spoke with some of the tourists stranded here in the nation's capital. >> reporter: it was a minor inconvenience the first day sore but now day four into the airport crisis, stranded passengers find their patience is wearing thin. >> i'm stuck here with pie family. >> reporter: peter walkers from england vacationing with his wife and two teenaged daughters. they have jobs back hmo and school to go to and are ready to leave. >> what can we do? there are thousands others like us. >> reporter: not since 9-11 has there been an air crisis like this forcing europe antiairports to close an shoulding down arizona traffic. travelers are considering desperate measures flying outside closed air space to get
5:38 am
home. >> rio to portugal. >> to then hire a car or get a train. >> reporter: it is booming business at the mayor jot, almost sold out this week. they are doing their best to accommodate the needs of the stranded travelers suggesting possible sight seeing tours. >> they've been recommending them a lot for the metrobus, take that to d.c., try to see some of the museums while we can. >> we tried to do the best. we saw washington now. we walk ad -- walked all over the places. >> the museum tour, the washington monument. >> reporter: what the way laid travelers fine most infuriating, they are picking up the tab. >> united isn't paying. they refuse to pay. >> reporter: while the stranded passengers are upset that the airlines are not footing their hotel bills, those airlines say they are losing $200 million a day. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> thank you. in the meantime, a few airlines flew more than a dozen
5:39 am
test flights through the ash where no problems. meteorologists warn that the ash cloud is still unpredictable and potentially dangerous. that is why so many flights are still canceled. the british government announced it will send navy ships across the english chan told pick up some of the thousands of britons still stranded by the ash cloud. we'll be talking more about how this will impact air travel later on here on fox 5 morning news. president obama is pushing for new rules onwhy he wants th side. we'll check the markets as we head to break and hopefully we do better than we did on friday. not a good day all the way around if the dow and the nasdaq. both down significantly and the nikkei down almost 200 points overnight in japan. ♪ is that your new car ? uh... yeah ? cool.
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civil rights icon dr. dorothy hite remains in the hospital listed in serious but stable condition at howard university hospital. dr.hite was admitted in late march after friends say she seemed extremely tired, just a few days before her 98th birthday. president obama planning to take his pitch for financial reform on the road. the president will travel to different parts of the country lobbying for support of new rules for wall street. getting the public on his side could help put pressure on republicans who oppose the bill. they say it creates more problems that be it solves. no detail yet on exactly when
5:43 am
or where the president plans to travel. health care is perhaps one of the hot of the topics today gentleman what happens with you can't get to a doctor and you need answers to your most pressing questions. don't worry. there is an app for that. details when fox 5 morning news returns.
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chilly weather didn't keep people from pounding the pavement at the national harbor on sunday. all these folks laced up these sneaks are for the dow live earth run for water. >> the race is to help fight the global water crisis. similar races were held in more than 100 cities worldwide. more than a bill wrong people worldwide do not have access to safe, clean water or have to walk an average of six kilometers to even get to it. >> that is why they are running the six k instead of the five k. >> people run all the time to everything now. >> they do. >> when are you going to run in one of these races. >> i was going to say i run to the donor table but that is about as far -- >> she runs to the end of the driveway to get some mail. >> i said it is about a mile from the driveway to the mailbox so maybe if i start -- he's like okay, yeah, i'll
5:47 am
believe it when i see it. >> on that note, if you want to keep warm, i suggest you run out to the bus stop, run out and get the newspaper. it is cold out there. >> and run right back inside. >> it is noticeably cooler than the last couple of mornings. sunny skies, chilly temperatures. want to emphasize the chilly side of this forecast the next couple of hours. we have plenty of 30s off to the west. before a frost advisory still in effect until 8:00 in the morning for some counties out to the west. sunrise this more than, 6:26 a.m. it is getting up earlier and earlier. the weather service had a freeze advisory out here earlier. they let it go to a frost advisory t includes southern fauquier county out towards nelson county, rappahannock county, out here, it will continue until 8:00 this more than, shenandoah county. temperatures are generally in the 30s off to the west. some cool spots here.
5:48 am
manassas is 34. culpeperer, 4. hagerstown is 43. 39 in gaithersburg. 46 here in washington. very chilly start. it will be warmer than yesterday, more sunshine, less wind. so this forecast generally a nice one. a little bit of cloud cover off to the north and east and then out to the west, we have cloudiness an rain showers which will pass on our south and could kind of sneak up the coast here by about wednesday. until then, we are in for a quiet couple of days out there with plenty of sunshine and a nice warming trend both today and tomorrow. today being a lot nicer than yesterday temperature-wise. 65, that is about six degrees warmer than yesterday. plenty of sunshine, less win as well so it should feel pretty good. -- less wind as well so it should feel pretty good. >> could be some late day showers wednesday and wednesday night. we'll get it out of here. that will do it for the forecast. let's get to on-time traffic and there she is, julie wright who is not rocking the red this morning but she should be. >> i was rocking the red all weekend, baby y i know you were. that was brait game on
5:49 am
saturday. >> it was a nail biter. i can't believe the comebacks. it is the caps. anything is possible. >> you got it. >> here we are with traffic. this is the northbound side of 29 colesville road. they are swimming the camera around on us as we speak. there are accident activity both north and southbound affecting your drive on 29 colesville road. some traffic under police direction is able to get by on the southbound side. they are allowing some traffic to squeeze by single file to the right. northbound here is still blocked off. no one can go north of the beltway at this point headed up towards university boulevard and rying to work your way out of four corners. if you are traveling 66 eastbound leaving vienna, lanes are open in towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a 9-year-old boy from yoirnl who underwent open heart surgery last month is helping chip in to pay for his pricy procedure. malcolm and his family are facing medical bills so the young verdict is kelling coppies of his story on e-bay
5:50 am
for $10 apiece. he has sold almost 1300 coppies. >> and i saw the opportunity to help with my medical bills. >> really helpful for our family, just not having to worry about that piece of the puzzle. going through and just being able to folkous his recovery y malcolm's recover yes is going well. he had he's scheduled to head back to school later this month. >> the next time you need medical help, the answer might be in the palm of your hand. a new iphone app is called itriage. it gives users urgent medical answers in an instant. >> reporter: when a patient has a condition, dr. brian bobb has years of medical training in primary and urgent care experience to guide him to what the problem is and how to fix it. then there is itriage, an app for smart phones and android smart phones. >> we want to show the patients
5:51 am
how to use it so they can get the care they need. >> reporter: whether it be a pharmacy, primary care physician, urgent care center or emergency room, where to go starts with the pay shouldn't's problem. >> you could look up your symptoms. >> say you are having abdominal pain. >> nausea, vomiting, the right lower part of the and. >> you might have append a-- appendicitis. >> they are saying you need to be going to the emergency department. >> reporter: even if you are drying around an unfamiliar see, the application pulls up the closest er asen gets you directions to get there. austin immediate care is the first unent care center in texas to partner with itriage. >> these guys that created it, they are emergency room doctors. they are look at everything that is out there. they had form i d a panel to go over the recommendations it is
5:52 am
giving, to research the types of diagnoses and everything. they get specialists in each of those areas to review that. >> reporter: while dr. bobb says itriage isn't meant to take the place of a doctor, its power is in heaping a patient identify the problem. >> it really is going to do a good job of giving you an idea of where to start but it won't give you that final diagnosis. coming up next, it is the caps. >> it is the thrilling comeback in game two as they get ready for game three. a house that they really wanted.
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washington capitals take the momentum of an incredible comeback north of the border tonight. the series tied at one game apiece as the caps head north. they rallied from a 4-1 deficit in a forced overtime scoring with 1:21 left in regulation saturday night. the third goal of the game. the hat trick made the caps a 6- 5 oner. >> no strove did we probably deserve to win, you know. but we got lucky and we did. and we know we're in the out of the woods. i mean there is a lot of people that are going to say that montreal has outplayed us for two games and they were on the road and now we're going into their building. we have to play an awful lot better. >> good luck to the caps. reds skin meantime have
5:56 am
finished up a three-day mini camp. mike shan shan is hoeing new rules including run two-to-and from the huddle. run on and off the field and then any bit of a odd one, no double parking in the parking lot. the weekend workouts, all about the hustle and learning of the new offensive and defensive schemes. clinton portis is back. he talked for the fort time publicly since the skins signed larry johnson and willie parker to give him some competition. cp says he wasn't priced about the additions. >> i think bringing larry and willie in, it is just competing again. i think we'll have fun doing t i think in talking to larry and acquiring larry's knowledge and willie bringing the super bowl ring, just having them guys is a comfort level like i don't have to do this by myself. >> we are out here battling right now. it is just minuteee camp. so the second mini camp, expect to take it a little higher and this then the third mini camp
5:57 am
and trend then training camp, going to get it. >> the nfl draft begins on thursday night so just a couple of days away. the redskins only have four picks, the fewest of any nfl team but they do have the fourth overall pick in the first round. of this a selection, a fisk round pick and a seventh round selection. this could change with any trades in the meantime or on draft days, plural. now to the nats. braughers scored 10 runs in the first inning. that included the grand slam. nats starting pitcher did not register an out. he was charged with seven runs. final score brewers 11, nats 7. the orioles and a nine-game losing skid sunday. they picked up a win over the oakland as. baltimore now 2-11 on the young
5:58 am
season. pitcher brian mattis with both of the orioles victories. straight ahead at 6:00, bloggers and online social net workers, listen up. be careful what you do and say on the internet. >> ad vase on how to protect your onloon reputation coming up in the next hour. fox 5 morning news coming back at 6:00. we'll see you in just two minutes. 
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